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Wondering how audiences react to our shows or how we are to work with?  

The following are quotes from sponsors of Comfort Theatre shows as taken from evaluation forms, letters and e-mails over the last year or two:  

Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

The musical selections were perfect. Your energetic and exquisite performances were an amazing gift...  It was a marvelous time for participants and planners alike.  Thank you for helping make this an memorable event!

The Grand Opera House, Dell Rapids, SD

“True professionals--Great talent. The audience really enjoyed it--brought lots of new faces to our venue!!”

Deadwood Lead Arts Council, Deadwood, SD

“Wonderful, wonderful event!”

 United Methodist Dakotas Conference, Sioux Falls, SD

“An excellent musical program for all the delegates of the conference!”

 Orpheum Theatre, FOTM, Sioux Falls, SD

“Everyone involved was in top form.  The audience really got into it and couldn’t get enough of the songs...  It truly was a great...  I believe this was as good or better than anything brought into our state from the ‘outside world’.”

 Matthews Opera House, Spearfish, SD

“Well received by audience.  Did a very good job of drawing in the audience and getting them to participate.”

 Children’s Care Hospital and School, Sioux Falls, SD

“The program was excellent and the artists were wonderful.  The Comfort Theatre was a wonderful group to work with and were very kind and professional.”

 Sioux River Folk Festival, Newton Hills, SD

“The Comfort Theatre did an excellent job, as expected.  The show was well produced and provided strong vocals, excellent choice of material and humor.  The interacted well with our audience and were a great addition to our festival!”

 Elks Lodge, Sioux Falls, SD

“The program was well received.  Everyone in attendance had a great time!  Comments were that we do this again, soon!”

 Sioux Falls, SD, Missouri River Energy Services
The show was fantastic.  Our group absolutely loved it and had nothing but great things to say.  The band was wonderful.  Kaija has a fantas
tic and amazing voice.  The entire evening was extremely enjoyable!  I, along with my family and friends that I raved about the show to, can't wait to see your other shows.  Thanks again, and please relay our appreciation to the others.

Gayville, SD, SD Friends of Traditional Music
“'East of Westreville' is one of the finest touring programs this state has to offer! They are not only great musicians and vocalists but they put on a wonderful program that really connects with the audience--which was definitely the case in Gayville.”

 Riverboat Days, Yankton, SD
"East of Westreville" gave an excellent performance! 

El Riad Shrine, Sioux Falls, SD
“Very professional, well organized and the public was very responsive to the quality.”

 Historic Homestake Opera House, Lead, SD
“'East of Westreville" was excellent, thank you!” 

Canton, SD
"'East of Westreville' put on wonderful show, well received by audience.” 

Area Community Theatre, Mitchell, SD
'East of Westreville' was very well received by the audience and they thoroughly enjoyed it.”

 SDSU, Brookings, SD
“The show was a smash hit!

 Prairie Lakes Area Arts Council, DeSmet, SD
“"Of Thee I Swing' was excellent and very well received

 DeSmet Memorial Hospital Foundation, DeSmet, SD
“East of Westreville was great. We have always been very happy with the Comfort Theatre performances.”

Clark Public School, Clark, SD
“Great job by the performers. People of Clark are so pleased that they want a similar event next year.”

Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, SD
“Thoroughly professional & accommodating in the setup.
East of Westreville' was very well received by the audience. They are welcome back at any time.”

Lyric Theatre, Platte, SD
“People commented that this was the best show we have had yet. The Comfort Theatre group was great”.

High Plains Arts Council, Gettysburg, SD
“Members of the High Plains Arts Council were very pleased with all of our dealings with the Comfort Theatre. They are very professional and easy to work with. Everyone enjoyed the
East of Westreville' show immensely. We've heard nothing but praise from the community about the entire evening. This is the third time we've had the Comfort Theatre Company and hope it won't be the last.”

Prairie Arts Management Institute, Sioux Falls, SD
'East of Westreville' are terrific, perfectly blended music and vocals. Nice repertoire, the entire group loved them.”

 Sisseton Arts Council, Sisseton, SD
“The Comfort Theatre again gave a great performance in Sisseton. Those attending really enjoyed it and we hope to have them back again next year.”

National Music Museum, Vermillion, SD
Great program, very entertaining.

 SDSU Theatre Festival, Brookings, SD
“Great program! Cast and crew were easy to work with. We are looking forward to working with them again.”

 Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, Mondays at McKennan, Sioux Falls, SD

“Kaija, Gene and crew were wonderfully greeted by the audience. His talent and her voice teamed up for a winning evening. 'Of Thee I Swing' were back from 2003 by popular demand. Great to work with them!”

The following are quotes from sponsors of Comfort Theatre shows as taken from evaluation forms, letters and e-mails over the past decade:

"East of Westreville is a Great show with wonderful instrumental work and incredible vocals!  Onstage they were very professional and their music was very well received by our audience."      --Canton 

"Always... Patsy Cline was excellent!  There was a lot of conversation among the attendees about the top quality of the program.  It made Sioux Falls and all involved proud to be able to present a program of this quality."      --Sioux Falls

"East of Westreville was great!  The quality of the performance was superb.  They catered to our audience and really involved them.  The members were very easy to work with, undemanding and flexible.  They were here early to do setup and sound checks.  They are true professionals.  It was a fabulous way to end our Rural Life Celebration."    --Colton

"Comfort Theatre performances are always excellent and professional.  The audience loved them!  We've worked with them before and we'll do it again and again.     --Sioux Falls

"Everyone here was THRILLED... Thanks for a great show!  The staff here also felt the experience was a good one; it's nice to work with people who understand  theatre!"        --Des Moines

 “We had record ticket sales and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  We’ve heard only praise for the Comfort Theatre Company!”        --Gettysburg

 “This was an excellent program.  It’s going to be tough to find entertainment of this quality and caliber in the future. It was very professional.  Many people came to see the show for a second time. Very well done!”      --Tyndall

 “We sold over 400 advanced tickets with word of mouth publicity only. The response was great!  The program was professionally done by both the company and the band.   We would not have been able to have this activity without the grant money.  Thank you so much.”        --Canton

 “The show was outstanding. Kaija and Jill are very talented.  So much so that many asked where they were from… like SD couldn’t have such talented folks in it.  Show was perfect for the audience.”        --Deadwood

 “The program was excellent. I have not had one negative comment—and that’s a first.  Ms. Bonde’s voice is exceptional and Jill Pillar stole the show.  Our theatre was sold out and everyone there was very happily entertained.  There wasn’t one dead spot in the show.”        --Flandreau

 “The program was well received.  Those attending were enthusiastic in their praise of the program.  The community appreciates that shows of this quality are available to be presented in our rural communities.  Without grants, it would be much more difficult.”      --Parker

 “This was, by far, the best.  The audience was overwhelmed, and the artists were a dream come true.  Truly, truly fabulous!”     --Yankton

 “This was the best response we’ve ever had.  Brian Bonde was very helpful with lighting and sound for the entire program (not just their portion), which was greatly appreciated.  The response was so positive we went over our attendance goal very quickly and completely filled the room.”      --Sioux Falls

 “The company was excellent to work within all aspects of the touring production.  There was excellent response from all ages attending.  A very good experience overall.”      --Aberdeen

 “We were thrilled with the production and none of us have heard one comment that wasn’t exuberant.  Everyone loved it!!  Several people thanked us for bringing them to town.  This is an energetic, quality show.”       --Vermillion

 “Excellent show—response from the community was only positive response.  It was a very crowd-pleasing performance.  The Comfort Theatre staff is very great to work with.  This program was well worth the investment.”      --Sisseton

“This program brought a whole different exposure of art and theater to many, many people in our community.  It was a great success for our community and the arts in our area.”      --Brandon

“They are fun to work with and the audience was very responsive and appreciative both nights.”       --Flandreau

 “The audience was entertained from beginning to end.  The audience was mesmerized by the performance of both actors.  The comments received were very positive.   I would highly recommend the production.”       --Madison

“This show sells itself—after each performance the word gets around about how good it is.  The people in the community were very happy we brought the show out—we have not had anything like this before out here.”      --Humboldt

“This was a fantastic event.   It was well conducted and brilliantly performed.  I know the audience enjoyed their performances very much.  Thank you!”       --Rapid City

 “The performance was wonderful!!  The Comfort Theatre was easy to work with… five star performance!”       --Watertown

“The show was a complete sell-out—we could have sold many more tickets.  The superb performance was well received in the community.  Many comments stating, ‘first class act for our town!!’  We were very satisfied with the whole process—Comfort Theatre was very easy to work with.”      --DeSmet

 “Terrific fun!  Everyone really enjoyed the evening. Music and comedy were top-drawer!”       --Sturgis

 “Working with this entire group was a treat.  They are professional and funny and great to have in our town. I look forward to their nest production and can’t wait to bring them back year after year!”       --Lead

“It was a great program.  We are trying to build interest in the arts in our community.  Because of this event, a donor came forward and donated $4000 to the school piano fund.”      --Lennox

 “The show was outstanding.   People are still raving about it and want to see it again.  Their tech staff even had helpful hints for our next community musical.  The show and cast again were fantastic!”       --Centerville

“What a great show!”     --Tea               “Excellent!!”       --Pierre

"Thanks, again for a great show. I regret that I didn't get to see Kaija on Sunday after the show, but thank her for me. She was in great form. Thank them all for me."    --Des Moines

 “We were mesmerized by the professionalism and the quality of this production.  The audience jumped to their feet throughout the entire performance.  This production is of the highest quality and the performers are seeping with talent.”          --Deadwood



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